This is a non-exhaustive list of 鶹ý academics from across our Faculties and School of Management who can provide analysis on aspects of the UK general election 2024 from multiple angles.

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British Politics

: Brit Pol, parties, esp. Labour, devolution, Wales, campaigning, communication

: Brit Pol, esp gender

: Brit Pol, parties

Mike Bolt: Brit Pol, media, Brexit

: Brit Pol, especially Northern Ireland, gender, political violence, women

: British Pol, China, India


: Energy policy, net zero, climate & energy justice, decarbonisation

: Climate policy

: Climate politics

: Climate, transport, energy, psychology

Defence and Security

: Security in international relations, science, technology

: Defence, national security, warfare, counter-terrorism

: Military, security


: School Policy, school practices, sex education, mental health, gender-based violence

: Education, grammar schools, social mobility


: Environment and climate change economics

: Monetary policy

: Macroeconomics, monetary economics, finance

: Macroeconomics, finance and international finance, inflation, unemployment

: Health economics, family policies, maternity leave, shared parental leave

: Political economics, voting issues, information aggregation, how voters thing working on voting issues and information aggregation

: Labour economist, shared parental leave, maternity policy, family policies, migration, Brexit, hate crime

: Health economics, education, labour


: Tobacco

: Children and adolescent mental health, healthcare, wellbeing, burnout

: Tobacco

The EU and Foreign Policy

: EU policies

: Trade policy, trade agreements in the EU and UK

: EU policies

Women and Gender

: Women in politics, gender, incentives, barriers, female engagement in voting and politics

: Women in politics, incentives, barriers, female engagement in voting and politics

: Gender, devolution, foreign policy

: Women’s representation and political polarization

: Gender, equality, employment policy, social policy, households


: Far right

: Far right

: social affairs, regional disparity, unemployment, poverty, violence,

: Education, grammar schools, social mobility

: Universal Basic Income, anti-poverty policy, international development policy

: Disability policy

: Electoral violence, Islamophobia, political conflicts, military occupations

: Xenophobia, LGBT, conflict, development, queer